Work as a team and create something amazing


Why team building?

You may wonder why consider a team building activity, maybe your team gets along just great and your productivity is good. However, there are some deeper benefits to these kinds of activities if they’re done well!

  • Trust. It is easier to trust someone you know and have shared a positive experience with.
  • Boost morale. Happy people like going to work and do better jobs!
  • Boost productivity! As your employees get to know each other’s strength and weaknesses, they will play on those and work as a well oiled machine would.
  • Work-Life balance. We are connecting positive experiences to the workplace. That means happier, less stressed employees.
  • Creating new relationships. Separate the “work wives” and “work husbands” and give everyone a chance to make new friendships!

Learn to work together

Our team building activities are designed to make sure everyone must participate and work together.


Each individual must communicate to complete the project. We also throw in so fun facts to get people talking!

Foster leadership

Give someone the chance to show what they've got! Through the process, leaders emerge and help their collegues complete the task at hand.

Bring back a reminder

Not only does everyone participate, but each attendee gets to bring back a reminder with them. Something they can be proud to display!

Bond with the team

Employees spend a lot of time together. Our activities are a great way for people to have fun and get to know each other.

Have fun

Doing a non-work related activity means employees can relax, have fun and bring positive thoughts to the workplace.


What we offer

We offer the chance to spend time with your work team in a social setting. At KaleidoArt, we think it’s important to have fun together in order to be more productive during the workday. In addition, to creating a Masterpiece, you get to talk to one another and get to know each other a little more.

We design our team building activities to encourage communication and team work. For this reason, each individual is given a canvas and will make their own painting, however there’s a twist! Each canvas acts as a piece of a puzzle into a large mosaic, therefore everyone must work together to ensure the final product works!

team building painting
*We can also arrange for non-painting events. Just ask!