We put the art in pARTy!

Create a masterpiece

Perfect for all occasions!

Try and picture it - You are at home, with some friends, having a great time. Maybe you are having a glass of wine, snacking on some tasty hors-d'oeuvres... Maybe it's your child's birthday and they have some friends over. You are in your environment, relaxing as someone else is taking on the responsibility of making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. And as an added bonus - You get some artwork for the house at the end of the night!

You and your friends can't believe you made that! WOW -it looks amazing, good work. Your child is ECSTATIC - A new awesome painting they can put in their room, that they did all by themselves. Now, where are the nails and the hammer?

Interested yet?

We provide the materials needed

From paints, to brushes and canvases, to drop cloths. We have everything we need to make sure you can create your artwork from beginning to end! All you have to worry about is snacks and drinks!

Our instructor will help you create a masterpiece

We`re teachers and artists. So we can help you create a masterpiece worthy of your talent! Do not worry, you are in good hands, your instructor will be able to help you no matter what!

We take our time so you ca feel relaxed

Our parties take an average for 1.5 hours, however we like to plan to stay for 3, just in case! You will never feel rushed to finish your artwork.

We clean up our mess!

All paintbrushes, tablecloths, and anything else related to our paint partie is cleaned up and packed up before we leave! One less worry for you.

What we offer

We offer you the perfect excuse for a get-together and a good time!

An instructor will meet you at the location of your choice and provide everything you need for a night of arts (and crafts!).  You worry about the guest list and the food, we take care of the art and the fun.

We go to you, so that you may create in a relaxed and comfortable environment where you will feel safe to be yourself, surrounded by loved ones. 

We can do just about anything! Ask us about painting, drawing, wood signs, paper crafts, and anything else you want to try.