Jess Emme

Jessica McKenzie (Jess Emme) is a Canadian artist based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Jess is largely inspired by nature and the world around her, as well as her own life experiences. This is often reflected in her landscape paintings.

Always looking for a way to reduce waste, and re-use materials in her studio, she began experimenting, using recycled materials to achieve movement and texture in her work. Though she painted in oils for many years, she now almost exclusively works in acrylics. Her love for this medium came as it allowed her to try new things and her work often uses unusual methods such as gluing dried paint to a canvas or using paper-maché prior to painting.

Jess Emme is mostly self-taught. She studied art in school and after-school programs as a child, but did not continue into adulthood. Currently she is working on building a career as an entrepreneur, hosting art events and teaching art with KaleidoArt, and as an artist.