Add colourful smiles to your parties!

Kid’s love facepainting! It’s the perfect opportunity to play and be a superhero, or a unicorn, or a pokemon, or… Well you get it!

Did you know adults enjoy it too??

We only use professional grade facepaints and tools so you don’t need to worry! Like our parties, we’ll bring everything we need with us and clean up after ourselves.


We use only the best facepaints, brushes and glitters. So you don't have to worry! Any question about the brands we use? Send us an e-mail!


We have our true and tested samples, the unicorn, the superheroes and all the things kids love! However, if you're having a themed party, we can design something for you!


We don't want to say cheap, because well that sounds cheap! But we have multiple pay structures to suit your needs and budget. So ask us!


Yound and not so young enjoy facepainting. It is good for everyone! Our artists are fun, friendly and trained to paint on little faces and around big beards if needed!