KaleidoArt was founded in 2017 when Jess, the owner, decided to offer paint parties in people’s home. She believed (and still does!) that it’s important to have a creative outlet in life, but some of the outlets available where a little too “public”. So, she decided to offer a service where the art would travel to the client, and not the other way around!

As the idea and the company evolved, so did our services. We now offer more than painting at home. Check out the OUR SERVICES section for more details!

Everything we do is to make sure you’re happy! Everything is flexible and fully customized to your wishes. There is no minimum group size or set time to complete the work. The sample artwork is just a guideline and we applaude creativity.

You dream it and we’ll work hard to make it happen!

Our instructors

kaleidoart paint party facilitator


The artists at KaleidoArt live and breathe creativity! With over 20 years of experience in arts and crafts, ranging over a multitude of mediums and over 5 years of experience mentoring, teaching and facilitating, (children and adults!) you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Why chose us?

Happy facilitator

We are friendly, funny and artsy – What else can you ask for?

Teaching and art is a passion, not a job. And we bring that passion with us, everywhere we go. We love to socialize and make new friends, and we also love seeing the pride in our clients after they’ve created their artwork. With us, it’s about the experience and the art. It’s about making sure you are having a good time – Everything we do is for you!

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